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Fish Farm with dedicated service facilities and areas

Owner: Future Spot, Ltd.

The fish farm is situated on the territory of Kameno municipality, Burgas region, and is about 16 km away from the ideal center of Burgas, and about 10 km from the Meden Rudnik quarter. The property falls in the land of Cherni Vrah village and is connected to the Mandrensko Lake through an artificial channel. The fish farm is situated in the immediate vicinity of Republican road II-79, connecting the city of Burgas with the town of Sredetz.

The Project size is 646 decares/ daa. The Fish Farm facilities comprise of about 413 daa production areas, out of which 385 daa fish fattening basins and 29 daa hatcheries, fish-straining and fingerling basins. The rest of the areas are going to be turned for a low height service or vacation development.

Photos by Nick Pandev

The historical information about the establishment, operation, and volumes of production of the Fish Farm is very scarce. Future Spot, Ltd. purchased the Fish Farm in the autumn of 2009 and the activities to raise and harvest fish had taken place until the summer of 2009.

There are 10 soil embankment basins: I basin - 70 daa (precipitating, heating, and at the same time being a reservoir for water if water becomes scarce); II basin – 50 daa; III basin – 55 daa; IV basin – 70 daa; V basin – 10 daa; VI basin – 8,5 daa; VII basin – 3 daa; VIII basin – 3 daa; IX basin – 3 daa; X basin – 210 daa (arbitrarily their numbers begin from the water source towards Mandra Dam).

The plan is a Fish Restaurant, a Fish Product Commodities Exchange, as well as premises and equipment for processing fish and aquaculture products to be built.

Project Activities

Purchase phase (due diligence and capital venture);

European Union Funds studies for allocation of the financial frame (looking for co-financing with European Union funds);

Several studies for project development;

Conceptual project.

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Business Overview

This project aims to recover the operations of the Fish Farm, its servicing infrastructure, to build a plant for Intensive Fish Farming and at the same time to develop and recover the adjacent territory. For the purposes of the project, technical innovations and knowledge are planned to be implemented and used in the field of aquacultures, which shall contribute to modernizing the Farm, producing high value-added products and opening new jobs in the region.

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Open for transaction or co-investors.



8120 Kameno, Bulgaria

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